Takamine Limited Ltd Koa 1990 Acoustic Electric


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 60783305005820430 Takamine Limited Ltd Koa 1990 Acoustic Electric

Rare Takamine Guitar Limited Edition 1990 LTD-90 Koa
Limited Edition made only in 1990. Very good near Excellent Condition.  This guitar has low action and is the easiest to play guitar I have ever owned.  Beautiful to hold and really sounds great plugged in! 

Rare Takamine Acoustic Electric Guitar Limited Edition 1990

You are bidding on a rare Takamine Limited Edition Acoustic Electric Guitar. This guitar was only made as a Limited Edition model for one year in 1990 & is now over 20 years old. The part number is LTD-90 & the serial number is 9001435.

For a 20 year old guitar it is in near perfect condition. There are no dings on the body & no major scratches. The only minor scratches that are even visible are the normal scratches from using a pick to play. The back of the guitar is in great shape with only minor scratches as would be expected. There are no belt buckle scratches or places when the finish is worn off. I have tried to include pictures from many different angles to show the quality of the guitar. I have not tried to yet but I beleive a good buffing would remove the minor scratches & bring this guitar back to a near perfect condition. The headstiock has very small finish damage next to the nut.    I believe it occurred from removing the nut to lower the acttion.   This damage is finish only and appears easy to repair.   When it comes to looks, feel, and sound there are not many guitars of this quality in this good condition.

The guitar comes with an excellent rugged case. I am pretty sure it is the original. The inside of the case is nice. All the hinges & locks work perfectly. Nothing is sprung out of place & it closed easily & fits tight when shut. Overall the outside of the case is nice as well alhough there are a few minor scratches as would be expected for the age. There a few small dings, it is very nice.  A little bit of touch up would make the case look like new again.

One of the really nice features that sets this guitar apart from the others is its' KOA wood body. If you have ever seen a nice piece of koa wood, you would be hard-pressed to deny its' stunning good-looks. Highly sought after because of its' beauty and tonal characteristics, Koa is a top choice of woods for many guitars builders. Koa guitars are know for the well-balanced tone they produce. The highs really sparkle and the sustain is super. This guitar really shines as both the top, sides & back are all made of Koa.The guitar is finished & sealed with a durable clear Polyurethane finish. Koa is an exotic wood found only in certain locations such as Hawaii. Looking like no other wood, this is one guitar that stands out from the crowd. The gold tuning keys just add the final touch to a truly unique instrument. It's a real attention gettier & great conversation starter.

Here are some specs from Takamine's website on the LTD-90

Body Shape:

Dreadnought Cutaway


Concentric Rings












TP Preamp




Takamine TP Preamp with Palathetic Pickup; Mahogany Neck; Polyurethane Gloss Finish

The guitar comes with the famous Takamine Palathetic Pickup & adjustable preamp combonation. This setup produces some of the most realistic acoustic soulds available when ampflied. Here is another excerpt from Takamine's website on the advantages of this pickup & preamp combonation..

"Takamine has made great advancements with their palethetic pickup, and set the standard for the industry. Other manufacturers soon offered acoustic/electric models, but none has reached the level of sophistication and performance set by Takamine. Our Takamine pickup is like no other. It's an integral part of the guitar's design, not a retrofit like most other "factory" systems. Six individual piezo transducers are embedded in the bridge plate where they sense both string and soundboard vibration. Takamine also pioneered the slider control preamp style for the acoustic/electric guitar. No other guitar company had the technological advancements that Takamine set in place, and to this day no other guitar company can achieve that level of quality in the market."

I have done my best to describe every detail of this guitar for you & provide you with good pictures. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.

This is one great playing guitar with an incredible sound. I feel that whomever gets it will have a unique treasure. You certainly won't be running into other players with the same guitar everyday, there simply were not a large quanity of this model produced. (and that was 20 years ago)

Happy bidding & best of luck.

 60783305005820431 Takamine Limited Ltd Koa 1990 Acoustic Electric

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